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Greenfood Natural Products

Greenfood Natural Products
Account Management

Initial Situation:

A nutritional supplement company already successfully selling on Amazon without a suitable Amazon PPC strategy. Up to now, the automatic targeting of campaigns has only been selectively used and this has been allowed to run for years.

There was therefore still great potential for further development here, particularly in order to secure the market position against ever increasing competition.

What We Did:

A detailed analysis of the product portfolio of almost 160 SKU's and, as a result, the preparation and implementation of a suitable PPC strategy with an initial focus on sponsored products, later also with other advertising materials. Our Amazon PPC tool was implemented to ensure continuous competitiveness in bid adjustments, negativizations and keyword analyses.

All other European marketplaces are now gradually following suit, with an independent strategy being developed for each marketplace. The challenge in the nutritional supplements sector lies in particular in the high density of competitors and the high click prices of keywords for PPC campaigns.


With the tailor-made strategy, we were very profitable with the campaigns from the start and form a solid foundation for the further development and growth of the account, both nationally and internationally in August 2023. We have already achieved a TACOS of 8%, and the trend is continuing to fall.

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