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Tempo Group of Companies

Tempo Group of Companies
Account Management
Graphic Design

Initial Situation:

A retailer in the electronics and household appliances sector with little Amazon experience and no specific strategy, as well as low sales. No clear orientation, but 5 used Amazon marketplaces that simply did not really want to start.

What We Did:

We have taken over the support of all 5 used Amazon marketplaces, setting up both an SEO, content and a PPC strategy (national + international). In this way, the keyword sets were optimized, prices were adjusted, product images were created and graphically upgraded, A+ content was implemented and a clean PPC strategy was prepared.


The account was taken over in August and after just a short time, the results of the invested work became visible and as a result, sales in Germany alone had increased by a full 450% by December. Similar developments have also been observed on the other marketplaces.

More products are currently being implemented and the reach is being expanded, so there is still a lot of potential to be unleashed here and sales will continue to increase.

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